Guangzhou to Xiayi Logistics Line-Guangzhou to Henan Xiayi County Freight Company

2017-09-14 10:51

Guangzhou to Xiayi Logistics Line-Guangzhou to Henan Xiayi County Freight Co. 24-hour consultation hotline: 18664544304-Consulting existing discounts, Jinyuan is committed to becoming a customer-centric, covering express, express, vehicle, storage and supply chain, cross Integration of diversified businesses

广州到夏邑县货运专线 中脱颖而出,一跃成为源誉物流的优质品牌专线之一。 Guangzhou to Xiayi County Logistics Special Line is a boutique line under Guangzhou Yuanyu Logistics Co., Ltd. It is a logistics business that specializes in direct transportation from Guangzhou to Xiayi County in order to meet market demand. After years of unremitting efforts, in many Guangzhou Stand out in the Xiayi County Freight Line and become one of the premium brand lines of Yuanyu Logistics.

Yuanyu is very focused on the improvement of service quality, adheres to the service concept of "professional service determines our lives, and a focused attitude determines our height". It actively develops and introduces high-tech information technology and equipment to improve Guangzhou to Xiaxia. Service level of Yixian logistics company .

Yuanyu also strengthened market development, increased logistics and distribution capabilities, relying on Guangzhou's perfect logistics system and service outlets in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, etc., using high-quality network resources and good service quality and shipping technology, combined with Guangzhou Door-to-door precision service to Xiayi County can provide new and old customers with long-distance, short-distance, less-than-truckload, integration of supply chain integration such as procurement, storage, packaging, distribution, information services, system planning and design, etc. from Guangzhou to Xiayi County Car, refrigerated, car, oversized, red wine, return stowage, baggage check, relocation, professional shunting and other comprehensive cargo transportation services.

Guangzhou to Xiayi County Freight Company Logistics Operation Department is committed to providing its most advantageous transportation resources from Guangzhou to Xiayi County, and is committed to providing the best quality Guangzhou to Xiayi County logistics services. With every cooperation, Yuanyu Logistics has From the perspective of the customer, we must comprehensively consider timeliness, safety, and price, and choose a suitable, timely, and cheap Guangzhou-Xiayi logistics transportation solution for the customer, so that the cargo consigned by the customer is delivered "safely, quickly, and on time". In the hands of people, customers can truly enjoy the money-saving, trouble-free, worry-free, and guaranteed cargo transportation services from Guangzhou to Xiayi County.

Guangzhou to Xiayi County offer :

Dedicated Line Name Bubble prices Heavy bubble goods price Pure heavy goods price Transportation time
Guangzhou- Xiayi County City 110 yuan / cubic 130 yuan / cubic 400-450 yuan / ton 2-3 days
Pick-up at your door Yuexiu District, Dongshan District, Haizhu District, Liwan District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District, Fangcun District, Panyu District, Huadu District; Zengcheng, Conghua Pick-up fee must be added to the door, free of charge for large quantities
Delivery Xiayi County 15 cubic meters or more than 5 tons in Xiayi County
Remark (Equipment, moving, relocation, miscellaneous goods) and other price exceptions require detailed consultation. Because market conditions often fluctuate, this price list is for reference only, and vehicle prices are negotiated by model!
Guangzhou to Xiayi County Logistics Company service items
    Vehicle transportation, Less-than-truckload transportation, Equipment transportation, Oversized transportation, Exhibition transportation, Baggage consignment, Moving consignment (free on-site valuation).
Packaging services
    Special packaging for fragile items, tailor-made wooden boxes or wooden shelves: such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, glass, pianos, mahogany furniture, antiques, sculptures, artworks, precious calligraphy and painting.
Service guarantee The company maintains long-term cooperation with China Pacific Property Insurance and Ping An Insurance. Once the goods are out of the insurance, there will be a special person responsible for handling the claims throughout the process, eliminating your worries.

Note: Please contact us directly for charter business: 18664544304

Receiving notice :

First, the customer should check whether there is any damage and abnormality, whether there is any non-company tape adhesive cover? If there is any abnormality and non-conformity, please directly negotiate with the delivery driver or the staff of Yuanyu Company. Both parties must be authorized by the shipper. Unbox and count at the scene, and take photos as proof!

2. When the customer picks up the goods, if the packaging meets the standard requirements and is intact, but the weight does not match, please contact the responsible person of the logistics department of the shipping company immediately. Without the consent of the shipper, the shipper must not open the box for inventory, otherwise Yuan Yu company does not bear any losses!

3. When the customer picks up the goods, if the packaging meets the standard requirements and is intact and normal; check the package weight is the same, but there is a shortage in the inventory, the consignee should report in writing on the day, detailing the specific shortage, and the shipping company can entrust Yuanyu Logistics The worker is responsible for assisting in the investigation of the shortage of goods, so that both the shipper and the receiver can get a proper solution.

Solemn promise : In order to improve the service quality of the route from Guangzhou to Xiayi County, you are welcome to put forward your valuable opinions or suggestions on our service, we will take it seriously and report the processing opinions to you in time. Thank you very much for your support. We will Make unremitting efforts for customer needs, your satisfaction is our driving force for progress! We will always uphold the one-to-one full service concept, and treat each customer who trusts our source reputation sincerely and heartily. No matter where you are from Guangzhou Logistics to any area of Xiayi County, we can provide you with the best, most comprehensive and most practical transportation solution, and fulfill our promise to our customers "logistics of tens of thousands of miles, zero service distance".

Tips :

● The freight and prices in the logistics costs from Guangzhou to Xiayi County listed on this site are for reference only. The actual price may be lower than the table. For accurate freight rates, please call the sales staff for consultation and verification;

Irregular goods, including cones and cylinders, are calculated as cuboids, multiplying the maximum dimensions in three directions: length, width and height;

● If you have any questions during transportation from Guangzhou to Xiayi County, please call the company's unified hotline 18664544304, so that we can solve it for you in the fastest time;

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